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What tension are your mattresses?

We strongly recommend visiting us to try our mattresses, available in any size - with our standard sizes found here. The tension choice is very personal and one customer's firm may be another customer's soft. However as a very rough guide the relative firmnesses (out of 6) are -



(6) Memory Foam Extra Firm
(6) Superior Firm
(5.5) Standard, firm tension
(5.5) Windsor, firm tension
(5) Deluxe
(5) Sovereign
(5) Memory Foam, firm tension


(4.5) Premier, medium tension
(4.5) Windsor, medium tension
(4.5) Pillowtop, firm tension
(4.5) 11,000, firm tension
(4) Memory Foam, medium tension
(4) 24,000, firm tension
(4) Deluxe With Latex, medium tension
(4) 8,000, firm tension
(4) Standard, medium tension


(3.5) Pillowtop, medium tension
(3.5) 11,000, medium tension
(3.5) Premier, soft tension


(3) Deluxe With Latex, soft tension


(2.5) 24,000, medium tension
(2.5) 8,000, medium tension
(2.5) Organic


Please remember the firmness of your mattress also depends on whether the base underneath it is sprung or firm, and whether you have any pads or toppers on top of it.

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