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Do you have any customer reviews?
What are your standard sizes?
Do you make in-between sizes?
Can you make beds and mattresses to a bespoke size?
What tensions are your mattresses?
How large can The Big Bed Company make beds?
How big is an Emperor bed or mattress in the UK?
How big is a Caesar size bed or mattress in the UK?
How big is a Eastern King size bed or mattress?
How big are the European size beds or mattresses?
How big are the American size beds or mattresses?
How big is Super Caesar size?
How long a mattress do I need?
What fabrics can you use to upholster my bed?
What feet / legs can you use with my bed?
Do you make reinforced beds and mattresses for overweight people?
What does zipping mean?
I have a four poster bed. Can you make mattresses with cutout corners?
Can you make adjustable beds?
I need some ideas. What bespoke / made to order designs can you make?
Can you make your beds lower or higher?
Are there certain beds you can't make?
What are the duvet sizes that you make?
What size is an Emperor size duvet?
Can you make Australian size duvets and duvet / quilt covers?
Can you make American size duvets and duvet / quilt covers?
What is tog and what tog duvet do I need?
What depth fitted sheet do I need?
What type and depth valances does The Big Bed Company make?
What size pillows and pillowcases can you make?
What different types of pillow firmness do you sell?
What size flat sheets can you make?
What size bedspreads & throws can you make?
How does my bed linen or bedding get delivered in the UK?
How do you ship orders abroad?
How do you ship items to UK offshore islands?
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